A new, online product for women in business launched this month.

The Juicy Good Life: Strategies for Stress and Success is the creation of award-winning business woman and former TV news anchor, Sarah Stokes.

“I know how much energy and effort it takes to build and grow a business. I also know life is too short to be unhappy or on a road to burnout. I created and developed this concept after being inspired to bring more life hacks to women in business,” Stokes said.

The online training includes videos, live broadcasts, training, podcasts, and exclusive tips for members that will help them grow their businesses and develop more room for self-care.

“We all want to enjoy this life we have. What we’re bringing to businesswomen is one simple strategy per week that will help them scale while keeping their sanity,” Stokes added.

The Juicy Good Life will tap into the tactics Stokes has learned as she built two successful businesses after a 17-year career in television news. In late 2013, Stokes left her news anchor career to create a better schedule for her two young children (both under 2 at the time) and purchased a local women’s magazine.

She grew the magazine to seven times its size and ten times its revenue in less than two years. Just six months after she launched into business, Stokes’ husband, Chris Herzog, (also her co-anchor at the same news station) left TV news so the pair could start a public relations, marketing, video and advertising agency called STOKES|HERZOG Marketing + Consulting. The two created a booming agency and knew it was time to focus on that. Stokes sold the women’s magazine in 2016 to focus on the agency.

A few years and several awards and sleepless nights later, Stokes recognized the huge need for women who are in the second stage of business to have support. Stokes has used her five years in business as a DIY MBA time. She’s grown her team to double digits, has grown businesses to six and seven figures, and has done it while getting out of six-figure debt as well. She feels more connected to her kids, husband, and friends than ever before.

“Five years ago, as a new business owner and mom of two babies, I was fried. I was also open to new concepts and working personal growth into my business practices. It saved me. I am bringing all that goodness to this community, so we can spare one more woman from that feeling,” Stokes said.

Stokes has been honored with the Woman of Achievement Award in 2017, the Businesswoman of the Year Award in 2016, and the Extraordinary Businesswoman of the Year Award in 2014. She’s the chair of several non-profit boards, the Chair of the Women’s Giving Circle, an advisor to the Women’s Business Center, and travels the country speaking to groups about marketing, public relations, and on self care.

The Juicy Good Life will offer free content, memberships, masterminds, and live trainings. Follow us on social media, online, and be sure to sign up to get the juiciest content!