Immediately: You’ll get access to our video library where you can take a self-guided tour of the tools. If you’re feeling more stressed at home, you can start there. If you want to work on your business, you can enjoy our business-building tools first. You know where your pain points are, and we have a wealth of strategies for all of them. You go at your own pace, our content never expires, rather, we add to it every other week.

Ongoing: You’ll get notified of our great new content, coaching, and shower power podcasts (we named them that because busy working moms sometimes only get that short time in the shower to do what they want to do!)

You’ll get notified of new videos and upcoming events in our emails that promise to never waste your time. We’re always reading new books on your behalf and will bring you new interviews and information that gets to the heart of what you need to build your juicy life. Sarah will go live weekly in our private FB group to help you all through whatever it is you’re going through and you can help drive the new content through your questions and needs. We will be responsive.

When you’re ready: We will hold juicy live events a couple of times a year that you can opt-into in person or via live video. One will be in Eau Claire, WI at the STOKES|HERZOG agency building, where we will work on business-building and put in a dash of juicy at our beautiful spa. The annual super juicy live event will happen in different parts of the country at amazing locations that promise to deliver on what every businesswoman wants: a luxury conference you can not only relax while you learn things that will catapult your business and life, but one you can write off!


Q: What if I already have a business coach?

 A: We hear this a lot. We live in a world where you love multiple supportive tools to design a life you love. Our videos are well-rounded, quick, and will create an even more helpful set of solutions as you add it to your current coaching program. 

 The Juicy Good Life content is meant to be a supplement as you travel your path to a juicier life! The founder, Sarah Stokes, is a big advocate of choosing things that support all the facets of your life. She uses business and life coaches, masterminds, conferences, online courses, and memberships in addition to the work she does to create content for real women’s lives. 

 Q: What happens after I’ve been a member for one year?

 A: We are going to do our best to create video solutions that you can’t get enough of! Our intention is that when you become a JGL member, you will want to be a member for life. We plan to add new content continuously, so renewing is a no-brainer. We love the saying, “Motivation is like a shower, it’s recommended daily.”