How To Not Lose Your Cool Parenting


"The way we talk to our children, becomes their inner voice."

It's powerful, and it can feel downright scary to a parent who is having a hard time keeping their cool. If you've lashed out at your child, just tell them you're sorry, and you made a mistake. You love them, and you want them to know that even when you're frustrated, your love is always there. Help them see it's their choice, not them, that's frustrating you.

When we ask our children to make better choices, we need to also demonstrate that ourselves. Our credibility will be shot if we blow up, apologize, blow up, apologize, and so on...without ever evolving. 

When we lose our cool with our kids, it can trigger a shame spiral. We can beat ourselves up for days or a lifetime. Owning our choice shows our kiddos we can bounce back from that and continue to have a good relationship, but we have to work on making a better choice next time, just like we've asked them to do. 

Parenting can push every button we've got. If we start with "filling our own pitcher" we will show up as more balanced parents, and you'll notice your kids’ craziest days aren't going to get to you as fast.

To learn more about filling your pitcher first, listen to the Double Your Sales Now podcast interview with Sarah Stokes and Ursula Mentjes. 


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