Juice Up Your Goals

3 Ways to Create More Motivation 

If you opened up your planner from a few months ago and started flipping through the pages, would you find completed goals or mountains of minutiae?

There’s a quote I love that helps me recalibrate when I’m in a rut, majoring in minor things:

 “If everything is important, then nothing is.”

— Patrick Lencioni

 When you want to get serious about your goals, sometimes you’ll notice a bunch of distractions can seem to come out of nowhere, and you may find yourself in old patterns of putting other people first, getting discouraged, ditching your goals for that magical “someday” time slot, and then potentially feeling like they are impossible. It’s time to figure out what you most want to create in your life, and then set yourself up for success around it!

 Here are some tools I’ve used to train my brain to stick to my goals:

 1)    Make a short list (with a check box in front of each item, ready to be crossed off) of the goals you want to achieve this month. Make sure you’re putting first things first (the most important ones to you). If your monthly goals don’t help you hit your annual goals, you’ll be paddling the wrong canoe. Add in a fun one that fills your soul with joy (like laugh hard with my family), and a short-term stretch goal that will help you dream bigger. Look at this every day and celebrate when you check them off!

 Bonus tip: Schedule time to work on your biggest priorities – put a few hours a week in your calendar as untouchable time.

 “What gets scheduled, gets done.” – Robin Sharma

 2)    Get a goalmate. I love this play on words because “accountability partner” doesn’t have the same ring to it. I have a goalmate for my personal fitness goals, because when I don’t feel like showing up to the gym for myself, I’ll show up for her. When I would be tempted to skip meditation and green smoothies, she’ll remind me we need to do it for our health! On days she wants to skip a workout because the weather stinks, I’m there at her house at 6 a.m. (ok, at 6:07 a.m.) ready to go!

 3)    Add inspiration. I know if I slept in every day or binged on TV every night, I’d be too wiped and rushed to take care of my goals. I need an extra dose of inspiration nearly morning, noon, and night to remind myself of the person I want to be. I have a stack of my favorite books right by my chair in my home, and I start each day by reading my devotional, reading something new that I can learn from, and then by flipping through and reading the highlighted portions of my favorite books. When I’m reminded of the human I am here to become every day, my brain sees my goals as a mission instead of more “shoulds” in my life.

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