What is The Juicy Good Life?

We’re the greatest hits of business and personal growth. It saves you time and expense trying out things you don’t have time or energy to complete!

We’ve got you.

You + The Juicy Good Life = Strategies for Stress & Success




Strategies + Resources


Are you a second-stage business owner? Looking around at the millions of options for what to do to grow your business and actually enjoy your days? How about a life hack? Jump into The Juicy Good Life.

Memberships + Masterminds

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Want an amazing business, happy home, and your sanity? It’s possible. Maximize and leverage your time. Our memberships and masterminds are designed to help you skip the “suck” and head to success!

Training + Conferences


We offer multiple trainings to help you scale your business each year. Our conferences always have a juicy good twist! Strategic planning + spa life? Yes, please! (Members of the JGL get special rates)


The Juicy Good Life is here because you can be successful with a dirty kitchen floor. You can be present with your kids while crushing your business goals. You can go on vacation and get out of debt. It’s real. It’s juicy. Let us help.

- Sarah Stokes, JGL Founder

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