Jump into The Juicy Good Life with us!

Founder Sarah Stokes spent 20 years interviewing people and finding the stories that mattered to her key audience: women. Sarah has built a seven-figure growing business by helping her clients win. She’s not about to waste your time. She’ll get to the heart of what you need through helpful information. We’re not going to spam you with long emails that come every day and make your life less juicy. She’s not going to do a 57 minute podcast that you look at and think, “I don’t have time for that.” She’s not going to tell you that you should try something that she doesn’t believe will help you.

Sarah has done things the hard way, through all-nighters for work, while trying to be a full-time mom of two sweeties under the age of three, where she worked so hard she started hallucinating. (Have her tell you the story of when she saw the galaxy forming below her feet as she worked on a deadline at her kitchen stove.) She’s been in six-figure debt, bootstrapping her growing businesses, and she’s gotten out of six-figure debt in six months, by working her business strategies.

She’s grown her team and developed new ways to fix what’s broken by reading every business book she can get her hands on. She’s a serial learner and her number one strength is strategy. She’s created this because there’s not a lot out there for second-stage businesses and few products are helping mompreneurs hit seven figures while loving their kids more, while going on vacation, profiting more, and crushing it while listening to content that helps with spiritual, mental, and physical goals.

The Juicy Good Life is a mission to help women like you avoid the soul-sucking feeling of, “what am I doing? I don’t even want to go home/go to work,” or for you to walk around with bags under your eyes just grinding it out forever.

 We’re ready when you are.

This isn’t fluff. It’s to-the-point winning.

Did we mention we love to win? 

What would it be like if you could sit around a gorgeous chef-prepared lunch on a Wednesday with your girlfriends after a pedicure? Sarah and her friends do it and they call it “Winning Wednesday.” It’s a group of self-employed, spiritually awake momtrepreneurs/entrepreneurs and we can’t wait to show you how to win Wednesdays too.

It’s just the start.

Let’s scale and celebrate our life while we actually live it and love it.

Jump into The Juicy Good Life.